Is It Here Yet?

Have you ever ordered something and wanted to know when you will get it. You can check the tracking number on the web sites of UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service but, I’ve got a better way. June Cloud software let’s you use your web browser, your Mac or your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) to combine all of your tracking numbers into one place with Delivery Status.

Track Almost Any Package

Irregardless of which way you use Delivery Status, you will find most common delivery services available. This includes UPS, FedEx, DHL and the US Postal Service. Currently, there are over 30 services you can use to track your package.


The first option is free and is accessed through your web browser. Go to the June Cloud website for Delivery Status and create a new account. Now that you have setup an account you can put in a package to track. Choose your service and then provide a description of the items. For a delivery service you then enter the tracking number and click on Add this Delivery. All of the deliveries you are watching will be listed. A link to the history of your past deliveries is also available.


Delivery Status on the Mac is a free dashboard widget that you can download from June Cloud. After downloading the widget, install it and place it in your dashboard. To add a delivery, click on the + sign and put in the same information you would have on the web version. To adjust settings, click on the i symbol. The widget will flip over and give you options for Growl notifications as well as syncing options to the web and iOS versions. If you use syncing, you can enter a delivery into any one of the three interfaces, web, Mac, or iOS and the others will be updated. I originally started with the Mac dashboard widget. If you use this option alone, you do not need an account with June Cloud. If you want the syncing, the account is your connection between iOS and your Mac.


Delivery Status touch is the iOS version from June Cloud. While you should consider a donation if you use one of the first options, the iOS version is the only one that has a cost. The iOS version is a universal app that works on an iPhone or iPod Touch as well as the iPad. One nice touch to the app is how it handles setting up a delivery. If you received an email with your tracking number, copy it. When you open Delivery Status touch, it will recognize the tracking number on the clipboard and ask if you want to setup a new delivery. The program is smart enough to interpret the number and suggest the service. All you need to do then is to give it a description. This is a very convenient way to enter deliveries. If syncing is turned on, it will also show up on the web and on your Mac.


I find Delivery Status to be very useful and add all of my deliveries in when I know the tracking number. Even if you don’t want to pay for the iOS version check out the Mac or web versions. The Mac version is very convenient and provides notifications. The iOS version is the ultimate version for checking your deliveries anywhere. The interface is clean and easy to understand. Whichever way you go, I think you’ll like Delivery Status and the way it puts your deliveries all in one place.


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