I have been involved with computers and technology for many years. I have owned Apple’s original Macintosh and then left the platform when it couldn’t meet our needs in business.  OS X has created a resurgence in the Apple community and I was glad to rejoin the platform in 2006 with OS X 10.4 Tiger.  Look for articles related to my experience coming back to the Mac and how I use it as my main computing platform.

iOS has led the tech industry into the incredible explosion of growth in mobile devices.  I have worked with the iPod Video and have since used the iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS and most recently the iPhone 4 and iPad.  Look for articles related to these devices and how to use them with your other tech gear.

I also have experience with Apple’s “hobby”, the Apple TV. I have used both the original Apple TV as well as the second Apple TV with its additional support for Netflix and AirPlay. Look for articles on how these devices fit into your home.

Microsoft Windows is still the largest operating system in use today and I wouldn’t expect to see that change any time soon.  I have worked with all flavors of Windows including the server platforms.  Look for articles to help in using your Windows computer.

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3 comments on “About

  1. Linda Anderson says:

    Tom this website is so awewsome! Your knowledge is vast and I thank you for sharing that with those of us who “lack in our technical skills”.

  2. mineschan says:


    From this post you’ve mentioned a HP Label Printer.
    Is that mean there are Label printer support AirPrint out there?

    I really need this, if so, may I know which model it was?

    Thank you! Tom!

    • tomwurster says:

      I have a Brother PT-2300 Label Printer. In my case, I wanted to turn it off in Printopia so I didn’t choose it by mistake which Printopia handles well.

      I thought I’d try your scenario and made it available through Printopia. Unfortunately it gives me an error which appears to be the media is the wrong size. Whenever I have used this label printer from my Mac I have always had to use their P-Touch software. I get similar errors from other Mac programs like I do from iOS so it appears that the P-Touch software is required for this label printer. Other label printers may work fine if they are available from other Mac software.

      Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you. If I see a solution I’ll be glad to add an updated comment.

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